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the lite box

Well I finished my Christmas elves.  And now want to get some really nice pictures of them.  I only have one problem.  I AM NOT GOOD AT TAKING PICTURES!!  So I started looking around and have come up with a couple ideas. 

 The first one is pretty simply I will just take them out side and take the pictures there. Just need to find a good surface.   I think I can use my table and some tiles.  We’ll see. I have a hard time with lighting when I am tiring to get a close up.  So that should be of help.

  But I can’t always take them outside.  So I thought of making a lite box.  That is going to be my and DH’s next project.  We have a few ideas and hopefully we’ll have one up and usable real soon.  It is going to be very simple and inexpensive. We don’t have much of a budget for extras.

To be continued…….


My week-end

I am trying hard to learn this blogging stuff and read just about everything that is posted on one of my favorite sites. City-CraftBizAdvise.

This group is so helpful. I just can’t say enough good about them. 

 This weekend I am making some elves for Christmas ornaments, and trying to add some things to this site.  There just never seems to be enough time in a day to do all that I would like to do.

A few years ago I bought myself a computer and although I didn’t know the first thing about them got myself up and running.  Everything I know has been self taught and I am really not every good at it.  I have tried to have a blog or web page or something before but just couldn’t seem to get the idea of what to do.  I am hoping that this time around will be better.  And with a group like COCB I am sure it will be. I am working at putting pictures on here and adding links.  So please check back often and see what is new.

My new Grandson

I had some good news this week-end.  I have a new Grandson.  He was born Saturday Oct. 21, 2007.  Here is some pic of him.  Can’t you tell I am proud?  Here is a link (I hope) to one of his pics.

Check him out if you have time.

Well I am off to take some pics.

Hello world!

Welcome to LGDesigns. Here I go.( deep breath). This is going to be my main blog.  I have  tried an other time but it didn’t work out the way I wanted.  I have joined City-CraftBizAdvise and with the help of my friends there I hope this will turn out to be everything I hope for. This is a great group of people all helping each other find a way to start a business the best way possible.  As soon I figure out how to add links to this site I will have that link posted.  You should check it out if you are thinking about going into business or already have a business and would just like other people to talk to and get or give advise.

I am hoping to put some of my polymer clay designs on here and any links to other sites I think are of interest.  And of course I have to have a page for family and friends.