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Happy St. Patricks Day

I have been sitting here at my computer for a while now looking around at the different sites I like to visit.  I could spend all day just looking at all the talent out there.  But I must get busy and update my Etsy account.  I have a few new things I would like to add.  I am going to get them all ready today and start putting a few on there everyday.  I have had a few people conv me on different things I have so I think Etsy will be my way to go for awhile.  I still have the two stores locally I have items in and they seem to be doing ok but I want more.  LOL  Isn’t that like everyone?  We all want more.

While I was looking around I ran across this nice poem for St. Pat’s day that I would like to send to all of you.

I am off to get Etsy work done so on leaving I am sending you this poem.  Enjoy. 

May the Irish hills caress you.
May her lakes and rivers bless you.
May the luck of the Irish enfold you.
May the blessings of Saint Patrick behold you

May your thoughts be as glad as the shamrocks.
May your heart be as light as a song.
May each day bring you bright happy hours,
That stay with you all year long.

For each petal on the shamrock
This brings a wish your way
Good health, good luck, and happiness
For today and every day.

May the leprechauns be near you,
to spread luck along your way
And may all the Irish angels
smile upon you this St. Patrick’s Day.

I can not take credit for this as I said it was online and I thought it was real nice.  May you all have a nice day.


A touch of Spring

Mother Nature is being nice to us today.  The temp. is 57 and the sun is out.  I went out and put plastic eggs in my tree for Easter.  This is the firat time I have felt like being outside other than to just get in the truck and go.  I got my front porch cleaned off from winter clutter.  I know it is not here for long so I am going to enjoy it well I can.  Ya”ll have a good day and I hope you are having good weather too.

checkout this workshop slide show

This is a girl scout troop from Homer, Michigan enjoying a polymer clay workshop. Held March 11,2008


I had my workshop with my girl scouts (from Homer, Michigan) and it was great.  There were about 24 girls (ages from 6-11) and everyone had a good time.  They all made at least one thing, many making more than one.  Some had left over clay to take home.  The girls were a treat to clay with.  They all made it a lot of fun.  All the girls had so much talent, there were a lot of nice looking bookmarks and other things made. They mixed colors and designed all kinds of things.  I only wish we had of had more time. When I first got there the girls didn’t know what we were going to be doing.  I pasted out baggies with their clay and other things in them and told them to start getting the clay conditioned while I showed them some of the things we would be making. That is when they started getting excited. There were a lot of questions which is great.  You can’t learn something new if you don’t ask questions. At the end of our time I explained that there was a paper in their bags that would explain to their parents what it was they worked with and how to bake it, encase they took some home with them.  Also I hoped that some of them would like to do some more claying and they would know what to get. The leader took all the items home with her to bake as we didn’t have the time or an oven to do it then.  But I think the girls were ok with that, they will get them back next meeting. I have a few photos of the bookmarks and of all the girls. Check out the photos of the girls in my slide show.  Thanks to the girls and their leader for letting me teach this workshop.

Enough is Enough

I live in Mich and we have had the loooongest winter we have had in a long time.  We no sooner get all the snow gone and we get hit again.  We now have 6″ on the ground and were under another winter storm watch had could bring another 8-12″.  My DH just came in and said we are no longing under that warning.  Hurray!!!!!I am ready to go out and buy a full spectrum light-bulb just so I can get the sun light that I so desperately need.I have been going through winter depression!  Hopefully things will change soon and we will see Spring…

Things are looking up as far as my clay.  I had sent out some letters this week through some of the groups I am on and got back a letter from a lady asking me to bring some of my stuff in to her store to sell.  That makes me feel really good.  Don’t know how it will turn out but just getting my stuff out in the public is a help.  So now I have two places locally that I sell thru.  With different things in each one.

Also I am getting ready to teach a class.  And hopefully that will be the start of something bigger too.  I don’t have any room at my home to have a class so I am looking into some place that might let me use their extra room.

I have been really business getting ready for my class.  I have to go 45 miles to a store (Micheal’s) that sells polymer clay, so I haven’t had time to look around online but hopefully I will be able to post to my faves over the week-end.

Today I went to Contariwise ramblings blog , Anne Gill  I ran across this site while surfing around.  This lady has a lot of useful info on selling on Etsy.  She offers quite a few different sites where you can see her work.  She has an Etsy shop,  flickr photos,a spot on DeviantArt.  Her articles are well written and the photos are clear.  She does some amazing work sterling silver .  If you get the time( and it will take a while) you should check her out.  It will be well worth your time.  She also has a great list of Search Engines where you can list your site for free.  I’m on my way to check them out myself.  I really enjoyed her site and spent a lot of time just looking around and checking out all the different sites she talks about.  All in all this is a must see blog.

It’s been a while

WOW here it is the 2nd of March.  It has been a while since I added anything to this site.  I wish I could say it was because I have been so busy but alas I haven’t been that busy.  Just didn’t have anything much to say.

I did start making buttons out of polymer clay for my local quilt shop and haven’t been doing do bad.  I have made a few sales.

We have been having so much snow that I haven’t been over to visit them in a while.  We now have a record amount of snow for this time of year.  About 8-10″ is still on the ground and they are talking more about Tues or Weds.  I sure am ready for Spring and lots of Sunshine.

I do have a polymer clay class coming up on March 11.  I will be teaching 27 girl scouts.  Ranging in age from 6-11.  We will be making book marks with pendants hanging from them.  There are a couple pic of ones I have made in my flickr photos.  Although we may have to make them a little different to fit the abilities. But I think it will be a fun time.  It will be my first class so I am a little nervous.  I plan on taking lots of pics and will post here.

I have been looking around at some real intereting sites.  I could lose myself for days just looking at the different sites.  We sure have a lot of talented people out there.  I will be posting to my faves page soon with some of my favorite sites and why I liked them.  So check back soon.