It’s been a while

WOW here it is the 2nd of March.  It has been a while since I added anything to this site.  I wish I could say it was because I have been so busy but alas I haven’t been that busy.  Just didn’t have anything much to say.

I did start making buttons out of polymer clay for my local quilt shop and haven’t been doing do bad.  I have made a few sales.

We have been having so much snow that I haven’t been over to visit them in a while.  We now have a record amount of snow for this time of year.  About 8-10″ is still on the ground and they are talking more about Tues or Weds.  I sure am ready for Spring and lots of Sunshine.

I do have a polymer clay class coming up on March 11.  I will be teaching 27 girl scouts.  Ranging in age from 6-11.  We will be making book marks with pendants hanging from them.  There are a couple pic of ones I have made in my flickr photos.  Although we may have to make them a little different to fit the abilities. But I think it will be a fun time.  It will be my first class so I am a little nervous.  I plan on taking lots of pics and will post here.

I have been looking around at some real intereting sites.  I could lose myself for days just looking at the different sites.  We sure have a lot of talented people out there.  I will be posting to my faves page soon with some of my favorite sites and why I liked them.  So check back soon.


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