Enough is Enough

I live in Mich and we have had the loooongest winter we have had in a long time.  We no sooner get all the snow gone and we get hit again.  We now have 6″ on the ground and were under another winter storm watch had could bring another 8-12″.  My DH just came in and said we are no longing under that warning.  Hurray!!!!!I am ready to go out and buy a full spectrum light-bulb just so I can get the sun light that I so desperately need.I have been going through winter depression!  Hopefully things will change soon and we will see Spring…

Things are looking up as far as my clay.  I had sent out some letters this week through some of the groups I am on and got back a letter from a lady asking me to bring some of my stuff in to her store to sell.  That makes me feel really good.  Don’t know how it will turn out but just getting my stuff out in the public is a help.  So now I have two places locally that I sell thru.  With different things in each one.

Also I am getting ready to teach a class.  And hopefully that will be the start of something bigger too.  I don’t have any room at my home to have a class so I am looking into some place that might let me use their extra room.

I have been really business getting ready for my class.  I have to go 45 miles to a store (Micheal’s) that sells polymer clay, so I haven’t had time to look around online but hopefully I will be able to post to my faves over the week-end.


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