I had my workshop with my girl scouts (from Homer, Michigan) and it was great.  There were about 24 girls (ages from 6-11) and everyone had a good time.  They all made at least one thing, many making more than one.  Some had left over clay to take home.  The girls were a treat to clay with.  They all made it a lot of fun.  All the girls had so much talent, there were a lot of nice looking bookmarks and other things made. They mixed colors and designed all kinds of things.  I only wish we had of had more time. When I first got there the girls didn’t know what we were going to be doing.  I pasted out baggies with their clay and other things in them and told them to start getting the clay conditioned while I showed them some of the things we would be making. That is when they started getting excited. There were a lot of questions which is great.  You can’t learn something new if you don’t ask questions. At the end of our time I explained that there was a paper in their bags that would explain to their parents what it was they worked with and how to bake it, encase they took some home with them.  Also I hoped that some of them would like to do some more claying and they would know what to get. The leader took all the items home with her to bake as we didn’t have the time or an oven to do it then.  But I think the girls were ok with that, they will get them back next meeting. I have a few photos of the bookmarks and of all the girls. Check out the photos of the girls in my slide show.  Thanks to the girls and their leader for letting me teach this workshop.


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  1. debsx Said:

    Well done Linda. It looks like the day was a great success! I hope you get some more bookings as the girls look like they had a great time.

    Thanks for sharing!

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