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Some places to check out


This morning when I will checking my email there was a post from one of our members of COC telling us she had published a tutorial on making hollow PC beads. So of course I had to check it out and I must tell you it is a great tutorial. Very easy to understand and the pictures are good makes you want to get your clay out and get started making some of those beads. This was not posted on her own blog but you can see it here:

which is


Polymer Clay Artist Guild of Etsy. Sally has a lovely blog of her own

and has been wrote about on other sites as well. There is a very nice article about her on Capitola Girl Jewerly.
 She does some really neat looking fried marble jewerly that is a must see. I suggest you go check her out. You’ll be glad you did.
Well I had thought I would post a lot on here today but there is a doctor waiting so most go.  If nothing gets in the way tomorrow I will be here with some more places to check out. 
Until then have a Happy Cray-zie Day.




A Monday ramble

Every week or so I tell myself I am going to get better at this blogging stuff.  It just hasn’t happened yet.Life always seems to get in the way.  I haven’t done much of anything for almost a month, on here or anywhere.  I was sick and then had surgery, which lead to an infection. That really took a toll on me.  I was suppose to start feeling better almost right away ,but one thing lead to another, first the surgery was more involved than it was suppose to be and then the infection.

I am feeling much better now and hopefully will finaly be able to take care of this site the way I want to and get some claying done too. I have a few ideas of some new things I would like to make.

I know a women who owns a greenhouse and sells flowers and plants for a few weeks in the summer starting around Mothers Day.  She has asked me to make some items to put with her flowers.  So I am going to make little plant pokes and critters and things to sit on the edge of the pots.  Problem is I have something wrong with my one figner and have to wear a bandage so I can’t work with my clay.  I know ,I know I could wear gloves but I just can’t work with gloves on so I will just wait.

Spring has finally come to Mi. and I love it.  This is my favorite time of year.  The grass is getting green and the flowers are poppong up out of the ground after a lonnng winters nap.  Things are new and alive. And the colors are starting to show up.  Nature is such an inspiration that I can’t wait to start creating again.

I do, do some knitting and have been working on a few things but even that was hard to do for a while there.  I looked through a lot of magazines while I was sick and that help to inspire me also.  Also there are so many great artist on the web that I could spend all day just looking around and never see the same page twice.  I have seen some really nice sites in the last few days that I will be talking about  tomorrow.  Maybe I will have some that you haven’t seen before.

So until tomorrow have a Happy Clay Day.