Can you believe this?

I have some extra time today and wanted to share some sites that I visited.  The first one is all FREE business related sites.  It is a website that is just getting started and everything is 100% FREE.  I don’t know if you are in business or maybe just trying to start a new one but there is a lot of good info. there.Check it out if you get time.


The second one is from polymer clay fan newsletter by Gerald Gore and has some pics of his centaur sculpture that he has been working on.  This shows great talent.  I was awestruck when I seen it.  And a little green with envy.LOL

you can see his newsletter here


and his blog here.

I hope you can use both of them.  I am still new to this so don’t know if I did that right.

I just checked this out and you will have to copy and paste the one for the newsletter.  The other two are okay.

If anyone out there has any ideas on how I can better this site please feel feel to leave a comment.  I except all input. But pls. keep it helpful.

Well thanks for reading and I hopefully will see you soon.




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