I changed my work room

Wow I have had a busy day.  First my husband and I went garage saleing.  That is something we really like to do and sometimes we find so really good bargains.  Today I did. I found the neatest kit for $1.00.  It is plastic and you put it together like a model car only these are reptiles, a large frog, turtle, snake etc. It has details on how to paint them.  The big frog even has his insides.  I guess it is like a science kit for kids. I have I pic of the box in my Flickr.  I thought I could use them for texture and also for a model for when I am sculpting. 

 I also got an unopened pkg. of T-shirt transfer papers for $5.00.  The regular price is still on it at $15.95.  I think I made some pretty good deals.

When I got home I decided since I wasn’t really working on anything at the time it would be a good time to change my work room around.  It took me all day but I really think I am going to like it.  I have pic of both before and after in my flickr also.

Oh and while I think of it I bought these two little knife like things that are old.  I am not sure what they are used for.  If anyone knows I sure would appreciate it if you would let me know.  They are also pictured in my Flickr. Which is probably going to show on this home page since they are the last pic I uploaded.

Well this old gal is really tired so am going to head for bed.  Talk to you again soon.  Thanks for reading and

Happy Clay-zie Day, CraftyLinda


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