An invitation,new recycle site,and a cool group


Today when I opened my email I found an email from xfarmxgirlx stating she is the admin. of a group called Pet Memorial. She had seen my memorial to my dog Coco and wants to add it to her group pix. Of course I said yes. It is a small group right now but I think if more people knew about it it could get to be quite large. Those of you who have memorials to your beloved pets might want to check it out here:

While I was there I looked around at some of the comments that have been made to the different photostreams I like to visit and I saw



GSOLFOT in a couple places as a signature line. So being the curious person that I am I looked it up. It turns out that it a group of miniaturists. And the letters stand for Green Sock on Left Foot on Tuesdays
It is a pretty interesting site with tuturials, auctions, galleries and a newsletter. I spent a lot of time looking around.,and bookmarked some of the tuturials that I want to try for myself. So if you like minis you just might want to check this one out.
I love to recycle things and found a new site. So if any of you are in to recycling here is a site that might be of interest to you.
I hope ya”ll have a great day.










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