I’m honored

Happy Thursday everyone.


Yesterday was my birthday,  so I didn’t spend much time on here.  Had a great b’day.  Went to my daughters for supper and had a nice time. When you get my age b’days don’t have to be celebrated with big parties.  It’s just great to be another year older.
 Today I went to my email and there was a letter from flickr telling me some picked one of my items as a favorite. So of course I had to check it out. It was Humblebeads. She has a great blog http://www.humblebeads.blogspot.com

Let me say a few things about Humblebeads. On her blog she has Ornament Thursday, where she has the prettiest pair of earrings with the instructions on how to make them. She tells your where you can get the supplies and a little bit about Ornament Thursday and of course more links to check out. There are so many places to check out that I got lost for a while and still haven’t seen everything I want. Heather is a multi talented lady, not only does she do some incredible bead work but does illustrations for children’s books.  She has been seen on TV, in magazines and is very action in the art world.  


So you can imagine how thrilled I am about one of my items being put on her favorites list. That just made my day. Thank you Heather.


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