A Monday Ramble

Hello All, I have had a really busy week and week-end. Didn’t get a lot of clay-play time in but did start a new pendant. The first part of the week I finally got to meet my newest grandson (6 mos). He lives in Kentucky with his Ma and Dad ( my oldest son)and older brother ( almost 3). Ma and kids got to come to Mi for a 2 week vacation so we made sure to get to see them a couple times last week. This week will be seeing them again and getting things ready to send home with them.

Then this last week-end we held a garage sale with some friends of ours. The sale wasn’t to good but we had a nice time visiting and enjoying the nice weather. Had a cook out and got caught in the rain.

This week-end I will be going up north with my daughter to visit my youngest son. I haven’t seen him in about 18 months so that will be nice and it will give my daughter and I a chance to hang out.

I am working on a pendant in polymer clay. I was looking around for American Indian art and came across this painting called the Four Winds. I just fell in love with it so I am doing my idea of the Four Winds mine doesn’t look to much like the orgininal but it is the way I wanted it to look. I have been working on it for a week off and on. Adding some or removing some. I think I have the main idea done and will bake it later today and then finish it hopefully some time this week. (It’s another busy week). I will post pictures when I am ready.

I have a few ideas of things I would like to make ( a pc) but right now I just don’t have the time. At the same time I am crocheting a car seat blanket for my daughter-in-law who is due to have a little girl the end of this month. Also I have been knitting some things to give as gifts.

I am going to start making some crocheted dollies for a lady here in town who was left some thread and hooks but can’t work the looks herself. Haven’t got all the details yet but it should be a fun project.

I read a great article on CraftyGoats site, http://blog.craftygoat.com/2008/03/keeping_track_of_what_inspires.html#more about keeping track of the things that inspire you. That article was real useful and I joined del.icio.us right away. http://del.icio.us

I am still in the process of getting things organized but this is a good place to start. If you have problems with keeping things organized you might want to check it out. She has a few good articles one about cleaning your extruder that is useful.

Well I am off to a doctors appointment. Hope all have a great day.

Happy Clay-zie Day, CraftyLinda






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  1. Angela M. Said:

    I’m glad you found the del.icio.us info useful — staying organized is so much easier when you have good tools to help! Will look forward to seeing photos of your pendant…

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