African Violets, Melody Armstrong

well it is raining here in Mi. which is no surprize.  At least we are not as bad off as some but we have certainly had our share.  It does make a good day to work on the computer although not so good to play with clay. It makes the light bad.  I did work on a few flowers early this morning and hope to work on them again when I get done here.  Maybe I can even finish them up.  It is a project that I have been trying to work on for the last few days but wasn’t having much luck.  I will post pic when I finish them.  These are from an idea that I got when visiting with a friend.  I had made some plant pokes to look like the flowers that the dumb cane produces.  Well this friend of mine said “gee you should make some african violet flowers for people like me who can’t get them to flower”  So that is what I have been working on.  I want them to look as real as possible.

While looking around on flickr this morning I ran across an album by Melody Armstrong.  And was awestruck by her work.  So I just had to go to  her website.

Melody Armstrong is a Canadian metal artist who designs and creates precious art jewerly.



Her work is increditable. She combines sterling silver, anodized titanium, patinas, semi-precious stones, and gold, into natural and geometric shapes which are very stunning.
She has these pin that she calls Quirky, that she has used copper, patina, paper, glass, and epoxy together. If you look  close you can see eyes, mouths or faces in them. Very intriquing and unusual.She also has a set of mini chairs that are just the cutiest things. Melody is good at a lot of different crafts and arts.She created her own web site, designed her own business cards, post cards and logo for jewellery tags, and photographs her own work.  A very talented lady for sure.  
Hope everyones day is happy and healthful.




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