Interesting Websites

Hello everyone, I wanted to share a couple sites with you that might help you in getting your business

started or even just get organized. I hope these help you out. I belong to a newsletter list on working

at home. It is ran by Leslie Truex.

 This is a good blog if you

are looking for work that you can do from the comfort of your home. She has a lot of usefull information.

I got my newsletter yesterday and she had an article about a new blog she is doing called ‘Better living on the web’.

that shows you how to use web tools and tricks to make work, life and play easier. The first article is about

‘Entrepreneur assist’.;jsessionid=7FBDB6C523EFBB095B36948635A1F3D6 or

This is a site where they have a collection of free business

planning and productivity tools designed with entrepreneurs in mind. You have to sign up, but once you do they have templates, planners, and a

great library where you can download books like  ‘Advertising without and angency made easy’,

‘niche and get rich’  and  ‘prefect business’ and everything is free.

There are articles about google, and wordpress just to name a few. I think it is a gold mine of information.


How much do you know about how you can use google search page? Like did you know you can use it as a calulator? This article

talks about 5


hidden functions, and most accessible from the main search box.

Here’s the link:

I hope these links help you, I haven’t had time to look into all the things that are offered but did bookmark

them to take a better look later.




  1. Leslie Truex Said:

    I just wanted to thank you for visiting Work At Home Success and Better Living on the Web and sharing them on your blog! – Leslie Truex

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