Link Exchanging

Has this ever happened to you?  You go to someone site and really think it is nice.  So you send them an email and say “I’ll put your link on my site if you will put mine on yours”  They write back saying that that is a great idea.  So you do.  But then you notice that they didn’t.

What do you do?  Well I have decided to print this little post and hope that the ones who have done this to me will read it and realize that they forgot and fix it.  If they don’t within a reasonable amount of time I will just take them off my list.

I hope I haven’t done this to anyone.  I know in this busy world sometimes you just get so busy you forget some times.  So even though this hurts I will wait and see if that is what happen here.

This is such a good way to get your blog or web site out in the public eye that it would be a shame for me to have to remove some people.  But fair is fair.  If I hadn’t of ask and they hadn’t of agreed that would be different.

Anyway that is my feelings on that subject.  Anyone else feel that way?



  1. Peggy Said:

    Maybe you could drop them a short note to remind them. Then if it doesn’t happen I would remove the link. I’m sometimes forgetfull so when I read your post, my heart sank and I rushed to my site to make sure it wasn’t me…LOL whew


  2. lgdesigns Said:

    LOL I didn’t mean to make your heart drop Peggy. I wasn’t sure if it would be proper to ask again. Know what I mean. But maybe I will do that.
    Thanks for the comment, hon.

  3. hi there, this is cool. i have the same situation with one of my linkmates. you did good.

  4. lgdesigns Said:

    Thanks Hanifa, I just didn’t know how else to handle it. I was in a bad mood that day and didn’t want to come on to strong but it sure hurts your feelings when things like that happen.

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