NEW Charity Shop on Etsy

I belong to PCAWW ,

and we have a member who is starting a charity shop (PCFAC) on Etsy
This is in honor of her daughter and every 4 mos. Polymer Clay Artist Guild on Etsy will vote on a charity to give 100% of all sales from this site. Here is one thing that Angela said about her site:
“There have been a few post out now that have talked about terrible things that poeple do….stealing art, re-selling, ect. I will do my best and post as much as I can about the charity that is choosen and maybe after we doante once or twice people will feel better about doanting. I am doing this in my daughters honor and the last thing that I would do is screw that over/up.”  As you can see Angela is very dedicated to this.

This is a real good cause and she could use our help.  If you feel you can donate something pls. contact:

Polymer Clay for a Cause
PO Box 470100
Aurora, CO

And by the way she has Polymer Cafe willing to look at posting it in their
magazine, when this gets up and going…think about the free
advertizing that might give you 🙂 and it is tax deductable.

And the biggest plus of all is the feeling you get from helping someone.







  1. Angela Said:

    How wonderful…THANKS!!!!! So many great people out there – like you!

  2. […] public links >> taxdeductable NEW Charity Shop on Etsy Saved by luciabarredo on Sat 04-10-2008 um, we’re gonna have to caucus Saved by nhoizey on Fri […]

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