review on DVD

I have now watched my dvd “Claying around” with Lisa Pavelka twice and I love it.  She is so easy to listen to.  She doesn’t rush through what she is showing, she takes her time and it is like you are right there with her.  A couple times I had a question about what she was doing and it was as if she knew I was going to ask. 

 There are six (6) projects plus the basics that is covered.  I won’t be making all the items, because some of them just didn’t fit in what I want to do right now but I learned something new from each of them.  She has a list of all the supplies you will need for all the projects on the inside cover so you can get ready ahead of time and work right along with her. 

I do suggest that you watch the dvd all the way through and then go back to the item you are interested in and watch that again.  That is what I did and now I am ready to try one of them.  I think I will start with the little cherubic transfer pill box.  It is for beginners but I have been having trouble with transfers so that is the best one for me.

I would recommend this dvd to anyone, beginner to advanced. It is very inspiring.


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