Work in progress

This is my version of Lisa Pavelka’s heart pendant.  I borrowed her book PolymerClay Extravaganza, from the library of one of the groups I belong too.  She has, among others, a red heart locket that I just loved.  I decided to make one for my granddaughter for christmas.  I read the whole thing a couple times and thought well I think I can do this.  So I got all my supplies out.  Well there were a few things I had to change right off.  First I wanted to change the colors no big deal.  But I didn’t have the Victorian heart stamp she called for, so I had to come up with my own idea as to how to make the heart.  I did have a heart shaped cookie cutter so I started with that and made my pattern.  Of course the victorian stamp had a texture to it so I had to figure out some way of doing that.  I had bought some nail stickers and thought why not use those?  I think it has turned out pretty good so far.  It is suppose to has a picture on the inside and I haven’t done that yet nor have I made something to hang from the bottom ( hers has a small heart charm).  I think my granddaughter will just love it.

 I want to thank Lisa for having this in her book for us to use and by no means would take credit for thinking of the  idea. But while I did use her idea I think of it as my own design.

I know there have been a lot of talk about copyrights lately.  What do you think?  Did I misuse her copyright?  What if I wanted to sell my version of this?  Please let me know what you think about that and about my heart.



  1. Good lord Linda, if someone puts it in a book and tells you how to make it, and then won’t allow you to make it, that would be unfair! You made it and you’ve changed it, why not sell it. Just don’t write a book and make her exact same project with the exact same colors. That would be copying. It is always a good idea to put your own ‘spin’ on things anyways. Makes it really your own. I wish I could see it better though, my old eyes are having trouble since the picture is quite fuzzy. 😦

  2. CraftyLinda Said:

    Thank you for your reply Cindy. That is the way I thought about it also. I can never do anything exactly the way someone else does anyway. I can’t even exactly copy myself. I will try to get a better picture up today. I am almost done with it the only problem I am having is deciding what picture to put on the inside for her.

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