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Last minute craft ideas

Who couldn’t use a few hugg and kisses?

Over at they have the directions to make a cute little jar of just that. They are using dough but you can change that to polymer clay. This would be a nice last minute gift idea for the kids to make for Grandma and Grandpa, ect.

And if you are into bath and body crafts there are a lot of ideas starting on this page. Many of these use ingrediants that we have around the house.

And then if you like beading this is the page for you. There is plenty of small craft that can be made up before Christmas. Like the easy beaded earrings here.

Or if you knit and do beading there is cute ornaments here, where you can do both.

I am sure you can find a lot of ideas for those last minute gifts.

Till next time.

 Happy Crafty Day, CraftyLinda


Happy Thanksgiving

I know everyone is just as busy and I am so I wanted to jump in here and tell everyone Happy Thanksgiving before I get to busy.  So that being said I wanted to also tell you about a great site that belongs to a group friend of mine.

Jane Kempf and her DH Joe have a fun filled website where they not only sell their beautiful art but supplies as well.  They have tutorials that are a get help to the beginer.  Their prices on supplies are very reasonable.  And right now, just in time for all the holiday clay making, they have Kato on sale.  Check them out I am sure you will like what you see.

Well I sold a couple of my earring so I must get busy and get them ready to mail in the morning.  I’ll be back after Thanksgiving.

Have a good one.  Linda

New things added to Etsy

I have made some Christmas earrings, I love to wear holiday earrings so I just had to make me some different ones and while I was at it I thought why not make a few more to put on Etsy. I got them put on there the night before last.
I have some Christmas ornaments that I will be adding this afternoon or maybe in the morning. I am running out of the time that I give myself on here so it may well be in the morning. I have been trying to limit myself on here so I can get other things done. I have this habit of getting carried away when I am online. I start out checking out one thing and then that lead me to some where else. Before I know it I have spend half the day.

I have also made some awesome Guernsey cow earrings for a friend of mine.  I think they turned out really good.  Maybe I will even sell some to her club friends.

I have been knitting scarfs for Christmas presents and now I want to make some funky pins to go with them.  Don’t know for sure what I am going to do.  Thought I would get the scarfs out and let them tell me what they would like.  So hopefully I will be posting them soon.

I was checking out a couple of my fav. blogs and ran across Art Ravings, lastest post.  Sue  has made a new pendant called Starry Night.  It is really pretty.  I like how she managed to get the moon to look so real and she tells us how she did it.  Thanks Sue.

Well I must get busy clay playing.  If you get time check out my new site on blogger.  I have some recipes on there that you might like.

Have a great week-end.

the passing of a great artist…etc

While I have been online, I have not been responding to the posts on my groups as I usually do. But have been reading and today there was a post about the passing of a very great artist and friend of the PC world, that some of you probably know or have heard of, Alan Vernall. Alan belonged to at least one of the groups that I do and he was always there to help us out. He had a great since of humor. He will be sadly missed by everyone. My condolences go out to his beautiful wife Mary, family and friends.
I haven’t written in here in so long and now I have a lot to talk about. I have been busy doing research for my brother-in-law and that took a lot of my time. But it was well worth it as I think I found the items he needed to be able to go back to work. I love doing research but sometimes it gets frustrating when you can’t find what you are looking for. But it feels so good when you do run across the very thing you needed. Gives me a good feeling about myself. Especially when I am helping someone. 

I have also been busy doing Halloween items. We will be working theCounty Fair here in our town the week of Sept. 21st and I am planning on taking a few of my things to show. Hopefully I will sell a few. I have some in my Flickr album if you would like to check them out and make comments (nice ones please LOL) if you like.
I have also started adding vintage items to my Etsy shop.  I have found some really nice jewelry and clothes patterns.  That has been fun as I love the older things.  And of course like a good deal and then to pass it on to someone else.
Also I have made some texture stamps out of polymer clay, they are just little round disks and I got to wondering what I was going to put them on so I could use them easier. Well I got to thinking about the tops to pop/water bottles. I save these” just in case” so I had quite a few of them. I just glued the stamp on the cap. I haven’t used them yet so I don’t know how long the glue will hold or if it will ever be a problem. I have pix of those in the Flickr also. Let me know what you think.

And last be certainly not least to all of my Texas readers who are facing the Hurricane Ike, I am praying that you will make it thru this troubled time without any heartships. May God bless you all and your families and friends.

I hope everyone has had a good month since last I wrote and I will try to write more often.  I think of things I want to put in here but just never seem to have enough time in the day to do all that I want to do.




The Great Treasure Hunt

I have been having fun and learning at the same time this past week.  I have been doing this cool treasure hunt. Cindy Lietz of ;  has been having a treasure hunt.  It is for everyone who is signed on to her guest list and is recieving her free videos.

Let me tell you a little about her site.  She has free videos that are about 2 mins. long and cover every aspect of poly crafting.  She shows you how to everything from how to condition your clay, how to use foils, make canes, and a lot more.  She also has 39 other videos that she sell that are in more detail.  I have not been able to purchase any but I understand from other people they are really good.  She speaks in an easy laid back way that is real easy to listen to. She teaches  in a way that makes it easy for you to learn. 

Also on her site she has all kinds of posts on every thing subject you can think of.  She gives you color mixing charts, that are really good and different than the ones already out there, she gives you ideas on making and using canes, and different things to use with polymer clay.

But what I really wanted to talk about was her treasure hunt Cindy is one smart lady.  By having this treasure hunt she has had us looking at different posts on her site while searching for the next clue.  Sometimes I didn’t have time to read the whole post but still picked up a lot of interesting ideas.  I bookmarked the ones I couldn’t read at the time.  I have enjoyed this journey of learning as I was having fun.  WAY TO GO CINDY.

Link Exchanging

Has this ever happened to you?  You go to someone site and really think it is nice.  So you send them an email and say “I’ll put your link on my site if you will put mine on yours”  They write back saying that that is a great idea.  So you do.  But then you notice that they didn’t.

What do you do?  Well I have decided to print this little post and hope that the ones who have done this to me will read it and realize that they forgot and fix it.  If they don’t within a reasonable amount of time I will just take them off my list.

I hope I haven’t done this to anyone.  I know in this busy world sometimes you just get so busy you forget some times.  So even though this hurts I will wait and see if that is what happen here.

This is such a good way to get your blog or web site out in the public eye that it would be a shame for me to have to remove some people.  But fair is fair.  If I hadn’t of ask and they hadn’t of agreed that would be different.

Anyway that is my feelings on that subject.  Anyone else feel that way?

Interesting Websites

Hello everyone, I wanted to share a couple sites with you that might help you in getting your business

started or even just get organized. I hope these help you out. I belong to a newsletter list on working

at home. It is ran by Leslie Truex.

 This is a good blog if you

are looking for work that you can do from the comfort of your home. She has a lot of usefull information.

I got my newsletter yesterday and she had an article about a new blog she is doing called ‘Better living on the web’.

that shows you how to use web tools and tricks to make work, life and play easier. The first article is about

‘Entrepreneur assist’.;jsessionid=7FBDB6C523EFBB095B36948635A1F3D6 or

This is a site where they have a collection of free business

planning and productivity tools designed with entrepreneurs in mind. You have to sign up, but once you do they have templates, planners, and a

great library where you can download books like  ‘Advertising without and angency made easy’,

‘niche and get rich’  and  ‘prefect business’ and everything is free.

There are articles about google, and wordpress just to name a few. I think it is a gold mine of information.


How much do you know about how you can use google search page? Like did you know you can use it as a calulator? This article

talks about 5


hidden functions, and most accessible from the main search box.

Here’s the link:

I hope these links help you, I haven’t had time to look into all the things that are offered but did bookmark

them to take a better look later.


African Violets, Melody Armstrong

well it is raining here in Mi. which is no surprize.  At least we are not as bad off as some but we have certainly had our share.  It does make a good day to work on the computer although not so good to play with clay. It makes the light bad.  I did work on a few flowers early this morning and hope to work on them again when I get done here.  Maybe I can even finish them up.  It is a project that I have been trying to work on for the last few days but wasn’t having much luck.  I will post pic when I finish them.  These are from an idea that I got when visiting with a friend.  I had made some plant pokes to look like the flowers that the dumb cane produces.  Well this friend of mine said “gee you should make some african violet flowers for people like me who can’t get them to flower”  So that is what I have been working on.  I want them to look as real as possible.

While looking around on flickr this morning I ran across an album by Melody Armstrong.  And was awestruck by her work.  So I just had to go to  her website.

Melody Armstrong is a Canadian metal artist who designs and creates precious art jewerly.



Her work is increditable. She combines sterling silver, anodized titanium, patinas, semi-precious stones, and gold, into natural and geometric shapes which are very stunning.
She has these pin that she calls Quirky, that she has used copper, patina, paper, glass, and epoxy together. If you look  close you can see eyes, mouths or faces in them. Very intriquing and unusual.She also has a set of mini chairs that are just the cutiest things. Melody is good at a lot of different crafts and arts.She created her own web site, designed her own business cards, post cards and logo for jewellery tags, and photographs her own work.  A very talented lady for sure.  
Hope everyones day is happy and healthful.



a good site to check out

While checking my email this morning I noticed I had received my newsletter from

Craftbits. This is a great newsletter having craft ideas for a lot of different mediums.

There is scrapbooking with Sarah Hodsdon. She has put together a nice neat site.

With links to other  scrapbookers and some great ideas on organization, her vs him

scrapbooking, getting emergency safe (this would be good for any craft), and even which adhesive to use on what. I

spent a long time on her site just checking things out and I am not a scrapbooker.

Then there is Vicki Howell on knitting, she also has a great site. There you will

find “free” patterns to download, new products to check out, and whats new on the

knitting scene. Vicki is the host and creative consultant of Knitty Gritty on HGTV.

So if you like to knit you might want to check her out. But be prepared to stay a while.

And of course out Heather Powers on polymer clay. I spend way to much time on her

site. She always has such interesting things to say whether it is on someone else’s work,new tutorials,

or sale items. She has it all. She is a creative multi-medium bead artist. Her work has

appeared in BeadStyle Magazine and many others.

Craft Gossip blog:

is the main blog with many blogs within. I

have told you about three of them but there is crochet, candle making, and jewelry

design just to name a few. If you would like to sign up for the newsletter just click

on the link “newsletter”. I could go on and on about this blog but you should just go over

there and check it out for yourself. Can you tell this is one of my favorite sites?? It

has something for everyone, no matter what medium you are in to.

Well I guess that is all for today.  I have some polymer flowers to make.  See ya’ll tomorrow.





I’m honored

Happy Thursday everyone.


Yesterday was my birthday,  so I didn’t spend much time on here.  Had a great b’day.  Went to my daughters for supper and had a nice time. When you get my age b’days don’t have to be celebrated with big parties.  It’s just great to be another year older.
 Today I went to my email and there was a letter from flickr telling me some picked one of my items as a favorite. So of course I had to check it out. It was Humblebeads. She has a great blog

Let me say a few things about Humblebeads. On her blog she has Ornament Thursday, where she has the prettiest pair of earrings with the instructions on how to make them. She tells your where you can get the supplies and a little bit about Ornament Thursday and of course more links to check out. There are so many places to check out that I got lost for a while and still haven’t seen everything I want. Heather is a multi talented lady, not only does she do some incredible bead work but does illustrations for children’s books.  She has been seen on TV, in magazines and is very action in the art world.  


So you can imagine how thrilled I am about one of my items being put on her favorites list. That just made my day. Thank you Heather.