My Fave’s

Here I hope to say a little bit about the sites I visit.  What they did for me, what I learned and liked about them.  I must start out with Nora Jean’s 

 I think she has the most informative polymer clay site on the Internet.  Not only does she have tutorials, but she has you-tube pages,  links to other sites. Her rambles are great spirit lifters. She is a wealth of information. I have been gong to website for about 6 months now and have not seen everything she has on there.  If you can’t find it on her site just drop her a line and tell her what you are looking for (staying with polymer clay) and she will do her best to find it for you. She is a great lady,  who  I consider a good online friend.

I finally had the time to go surfing.  I ran across the coolest site.  It is the evil mad scientist, and the first cane he has on this page is just the coolest thing.  It is called the Sierpinski triangle.  There is a tutorial on  how to make it.  I don’t know that I will ever have the patience to do something like that but I do have it bookmarked as a someday project.  When you get the change go check it out it is truly awesome.



  1. NoraJean Said:

    Thank you for the mention but the url for my site has the word “website” connected in the url, causing the link to go 404. I thought I’d mention it so you can correct it to just show

    Thanks again for your kind word.

  2. lgdesigns Said:

    ‘Oh My Gravy NJ I am so sorry about messing up your url. I have it changed now so everyone will be able to find you from here.

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