An Incredible Polymer Clay Artist

Wow has anyone checked out Jana RobeAbout the Artistrts Benzon“s website? She does the most awesome work. Her use of color and design is incredible. She has the most intricate patterns and combines them in a way that is unusual. She uses the Arabesque Canes technique mixed with other techniques. She has an excellent description of Millefiori on her About the Artist  page.This is a very well written website with lots of nice pictures.She does workshops and if I lived closed I would love to attend one. Well worth the hour or so it will take you to see everything she has. So grab a cup of your favorite beverage and go check it out. You won’t be sorry.


Happy Thanksgiving

I know everyone is just as busy and I am so I wanted to jump in here and tell everyone Happy Thanksgiving before I get to busy.  So that being said I wanted to also tell you about a great site that belongs to a group friend of mine.

Jane Kempf and her DH Joe have a fun filled website where they not only sell their beautiful art but supplies as well.  They have tutorials that are a get help to the beginer.  Their prices on supplies are very reasonable.  And right now, just in time for all the holiday clay making, they have Kato on sale.  Check them out I am sure you will like what you see.

Well I sold a couple of my earring so I must get busy and get them ready to mail in the morning.  I’ll be back after Thanksgiving.

Have a good one.  Linda

New things added to Etsy

I have made some Christmas earrings, I love to wear holiday earrings so I just had to make me some different ones and while I was at it I thought why not make a few more to put on Etsy. I got them put on there the night before last.
I have some Christmas ornaments that I will be adding this afternoon or maybe in the morning. I am running out of the time that I give myself on here so it may well be in the morning. I have been trying to limit myself on here so I can get other things done. I have this habit of getting carried away when I am online. I start out checking out one thing and then that lead me to some where else. Before I know it I have spend half the day.

I have also made some awesome Guernsey cow earrings for a friend of mine.  I think they turned out really good.  Maybe I will even sell some to her club friends.

I have been knitting scarfs for Christmas presents and now I want to make some funky pins to go with them.  Don’t know for sure what I am going to do.  Thought I would get the scarfs out and let them tell me what they would like.  So hopefully I will be posting them soon.

I was checking out a couple of my fav. blogs and ran across Art Ravings, lastest post.  Sue  has made a new pendant called Starry Night.  It is really pretty.  I like how she managed to get the moon to look so real and she tells us how she did it.  Thanks Sue.

Well I must get busy clay playing.  If you get time check out my new site on blogger.  I have some recipes on there that you might like.

Have a great week-end.

Been gone to long

I know it has been a while since I have been in here to say Hi. I have started a new blog site and have been trying to post in there as much as possible. I don’t know if I am capable of keeping up with two sites but I am going to try. This one is mostly for poymer clay and the other is a little bit of everything. Even cookie recipes!!  So check it out!!

“Archaeologists just discovered a 2,000-year-old gold earring beneath a parking lot next to the walls of Jerusalem’s old city. The earring is inlaid with pearls and emeralds”….

Did anyone see this post on Contrariwise ramblings? It is really interesting. Just think something that beautiful being around for 2000 years.  WOW! 

A couple years ago my DD had a Mastodon dig on her property. She had just moved into a house that they built and was digging around by the pond and found a Mastodon bone. It was a really big deal for us and it made the papers. And the bone is in the new science building at the Hillsdale College.


Have you seen what Humble Beads is doing? Heather has opened a new line of beads and is calling it Humble Beads Garden Party. You can read more about it here.

Well these are just two of my fav. spots to check out. I am out of time so I’ll have more next time. Until then have a great crafty day.

It’s apple canning time in Michigan

I have a neighbor who has 4 apple trees in his yard.  He stopped us the other day while we were driving by and told us he and his family had picked all they wanted and we could have the rest.  So Friday my DH and I went over and picked 2 five gallon buckets full.

Then got busy peeling, coring and slicing.  I have a real easy recipe for apple pie filling to can.  My DH, being the sweetheart he is, worked right along me.  We made 12 quarts and have some for a pie tomorrow.

Sat. I made the pie and did up 12 -1/2 pints of apple jelly and 4-1/2 pints sugar free apple jelly.  I think that is all for the apples for a while.

Haven’t played much with clay this week.  First of the week my SIL had major surgery, which she came through real good. ( came home Sat.)  So we spend all the time we could with her and family. Then there were the flu shots on Weds.  House cleaning on Thurs. etc.etc.

I think I mention about the kayka I was trying to make for my Grandson teacher, well I got that done and it turned out real good.  They (GD,DD and teacher) were all real happy with it anyway.  You can see a picture of it in my flickr album at left.

this is whats on my clay table whats on yours?

I am having a busy week-end.  First I am finishing up a fairy pin that I am making for one of my other granddaughters.  I’ll have pix when I have it finished.  Then yesterday my DD called and said she had been meaning to call for the last few days but had been busy.  She had a favor to ask.  Seems like my grandson teacher is having a B’day next week and he wants me to make her something.  He knows she likes kayak’s so thought that would be a good idea.  I ask what she wanted like should it be something she can sit on her desk, or maybe a necklace.  Well that was left up to me.  That makes it really hard to decide because I don’t know this women and don’t know what she likes.  Does she even wear jewerly?  So here I am this mornning trying to decide what to do.  I think I will make the necklace and some earrings to match and hope that she wears jewerly.  Sometimes teachers just have to much on their desk already so I thought maybe that would be the way to go.

I don’t have a lot of time to put in to this as her b’day is next week but my DD couldn’t remember what day.  Hopefull it is not Monday, my DD is out of town until late Sunday so I couldn’t get it to her before Monday morning anyway.

I also have a DSI who is going in the hospital Monday for some major surgery and we have plans to spend the afternoon with them,watching the Michigan/Michigan state football game.  Then there is a dinner get together for her tomorrow with her children.  And of course we want to be there for the surgery on Monday. 

So it puts a rush on this kayak business and I don’t like to work that way.  It takes all the “fun” out of doing it.  Plus I feel that sometimes you just don’t do your best if your in a hurry. 

What does your week-end look like?  Is it as busy as mine?  What is on your clay table?  Do you feel like I do about being rushed to do something, or do you work better?  Are you a football fan?

I will write Tuesday and let ya’ll know how things to turn out.  I’ll also have pix in my flickr ablum.

Also I wanted to mention that I have added some things to my Etsy shop if you would like to check them out you can go here.    I have been doing some knitting and crocheting lately so have added some things that I have made.

Hope ya’ll have a great week-end.  Thanks for stopping by.  Have to get back to clay play.  Linda

Work in progress

This is my version of Lisa Pavelka’s heart pendant.  I borrowed her book PolymerClay Extravaganza, from the library of one of the groups I belong too.  She has, among others, a red heart locket that I just loved.  I decided to make one for my granddaughter for christmas.  I read the whole thing a couple times and thought well I think I can do this.  So I got all my supplies out.  Well there were a few things I had to change right off.  First I wanted to change the colors no big deal.  But I didn’t have the Victorian heart stamp she called for, so I had to come up with my own idea as to how to make the heart.  I did have a heart shaped cookie cutter so I started with that and made my pattern.  Of course the victorian stamp had a texture to it so I had to figure out some way of doing that.  I had bought some nail stickers and thought why not use those?  I think it has turned out pretty good so far.  It is suppose to has a picture on the inside and I haven’t done that yet nor have I made something to hang from the bottom ( hers has a small heart charm).  I think my granddaughter will just love it.

 I want to thank Lisa for having this in her book for us to use and by no means would take credit for thinking of the  idea. But while I did use her idea I think of it as my own design.

I know there have been a lot of talk about copyrights lately.  What do you think?  Did I misuse her copyright?  What if I wanted to sell my version of this?  Please let me know what you think about that and about my heart.

review on DVD

I have now watched my dvd “Claying around” with Lisa Pavelka twice and I love it.  She is so easy to listen to.  She doesn’t rush through what she is showing, she takes her time and it is like you are right there with her.  A couple times I had a question about what she was doing and it was as if she knew I was going to ask. 

 There are six (6) projects plus the basics that is covered.  I won’t be making all the items, because some of them just didn’t fit in what I want to do right now but I learned something new from each of them.  She has a list of all the supplies you will need for all the projects on the inside cover so you can get ready ahead of time and work right along with her. 

I do suggest that you watch the dvd all the way through and then go back to the item you are interested in and watch that again.  That is what I did and now I am ready to try one of them.  I think I will start with the little cherubic transfer pill box.  It is for beginners but I have been having trouble with transfers so that is the best one for me.

I would recommend this dvd to anyone, beginner to advanced. It is very inspiring.

Etsy Store

I received a big order that I just finished on Sat. and mailed out.  It was for 12 of my bee hive plant pokes and 1 lucky spider plant poke.  Thanks Debbie.

I haven’t had many sales yets so this was a big deal for me.  Debbie is a great Etsier (sp) who lives in Ga.

I am hoping this leads to more sales.  I am in the process of making some Christmas item to add to my site.  Hopefully in the next few days.

I know I have to work harder on getting my site viewed and maintaining a good inventory.  I am just not a very organized person so I always run out of hours in the day before I get everything done that I wish to do.

I make lists and I do pretty good for awhile but then something happens and I slip.  I stop making lists and then I start having trouble getting things done.  I also find myself spending to much time reading emails, ( I belong to several groups) checking out other sites and doing research.  I think of things I want to write about here but run short on time to do the writing.

If I have things planned for the day and something unexpected comes up, it throws me all off and I can’t get back to my list. I just put everything off until the next day.  Then the next day is overloaded and I still don’t get caught up.  haha

Does anyone else have this problem?

  How do you handle it? 

 Any ideas would be welcome.

Well I am off to do some clay work.  I still have some orders to get out that I took while at the fair.

Have a great day, visit my Etsy store if you get a chance and write to me.  I would love to hear from you.

County Fairs

County Fairs are over in Michigan for another season.  Ours is the biggest and the last.  It ran from Sept 21-27. 

It is also a 4H fair which means there are lots of animals, vegetables etc. that the kids have done. There is something for everyone.


I have been working at it for 24 years mostly in security. And my husband has for 26 years.  We worked it again this year. 

I love seeing all the people that I only see once a year, due to the fact that some are from other states and come back each year. But I put in long hours as I get there at 7:30 am and don’t leave until after 9:00pm most times.

This year my husband and I worked together and were lucky enough to be near our truck.  I say lucky because I was able to have a ‘tailgate sale’.  I set up my pendants, earrings and other polymer clay items on our tailgate.  I also ran a fair week 1/2 off special on my buttons.  It turned out pretty good.  I made a few sales, got a few orders and got paid for being there. haha

I could not have afforded to rent a booth and probably would not have gotten one anyway as most if not all are already spoken for, years ahead of time.

We had beautiful weather, in the mid to upper 70’s all week during the day, upper 50’s at night and not a drop of rain.  Here in lower Michigan at this time of year you never know what kind of weather you will have.  The week after we had upper 50’s and lower 60’s and 2 nights we had frost already. The leaves are turning such beautiful colors.

On top of all that I got to see my oldest son, daughter-in-law, grandsons and granddaughter, that week.  Not as much as I would have liked but that was the only time they were able to come up from Kentucky (granddaughter is from Michigan).  I don’t get to see them often, so any time I get to is nice.

Do any of you go to the County Fair?  When is yours? Now did you spend that week?

I hope everyone had as good of a week as I did.  See ya tomorrow.  I will be talking about Etsy.



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