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NEW Year Wishes

As this year comes to an end and a new one begins I wish all of you good health and lots of wealth, happiness , forgiveness, a working muse, lots of sales (if that is what you are into), lots of love, more time to spend the way you want, and good cheer.

I have much to be thankful for this past year. I have a wonderful loving and supportive DH. Great kids and grandkids, whom I love very much much. A roof over my head, heat to keep me warm, food in the cupboards and lots of good friends. Although my health wasn’t the greatest this past year, I am still better off than some and am thankful.

I have met a lot of really nice, talented people through the internet and the groups I belong to. And have learned and shared quite a few things. Without them my life would not have been as full as is it. And for them I am thankful. I have found that artistic people are in general the most giving of their time and knowledge. A truly talented artist is not afraid to share.

So, to the many in the groups I belong to and the many websites I visit I wish you all a prosperous 2009.

I am praying for an even better year in 2009. Bigger sales, more money, better health, more time to spend on my creative adventures, more time spent with my kids and grandkids, more love to give and to recieve.

I have a large to-do list and right at the top is to become a better person all around. One who gives more freely of my time, love, talent and hope. That is also a wish I have for all you talented friendly people out there.

We will be staying at home as we have done for the last few years. It is so much safer that way. My DH says we are not celebrating the beginning of 2009 but the ending of 2008.

May God bless us all.

Until 2009′

 Happy Crafty Day, CraftyLinda





I bought a bunch of tatoo’s like the kids use a while back. I have finally started using them. For Christmas presents for two of my Granddaughters, I covered a heavy cardboard box with paper and then painted in. Let it dry then put some of the tatoos on top and use acrylic as a sealer. I put 3 coats of sealer on to make sure the tatoo didn’t come off. I like the way they turned out. Problem is I was so busy with trying to get everything done that I went and wrapped everything before I got pix of them. So now I will have to wait for them to open their packages and hope to get a few pix to show off. But it won’t be long now just a few more days.

I am so far behind. Not only in posting here but in finishing up things for Christmas. Now I seem to have picked up a virus or something on my computer as it is running slower and slower everyday. So I have to find the time to do something about that. But in the mean time it makes it hard to keep up with my posting because it takes so long for things to upload. Please be patient with me until I get the problem worked out. Hopefully I will be back to posting more often soon.

Until then Happy Holidays to everyone and

 Happy Crafty Day, CraftyLinda


Last minute craft ideas

Who couldn’t use a few hugg and kisses?

Over at they have the directions to make a cute little jar of just that. They are using dough but you can change that to polymer clay. This would be a nice last minute gift idea for the kids to make for Grandma and Grandpa, ect.

And if you are into bath and body crafts there are a lot of ideas starting on this page. Many of these use ingrediants that we have around the house.

And then if you like beading this is the page for you. There is plenty of small craft that can be made up before Christmas. Like the easy beaded earrings here.

Or if you knit and do beading there is cute ornaments here, where you can do both.

I am sure you can find a lot of ideas for those last minute gifts.

Till next time.

 Happy Crafty Day, CraftyLinda

What a wonderful busy time of year

Christmas, what a wonderful busy time of year. At this time of year we are all busy trying to get ready for the holidays. I hope you are all taking time for yourselves too. It is very important and if you have a chronic ailment it is even more important. I have started putting a timer next to where I am working to remind me to take breaks. I just get so involved in what I am doing I don’t think to stop.
With the winter weather it is hard for people who have chronic pain and once we do get involved we have a tendency to over do. Then we suffer. So if any of you out there are like me, please be kind to yourself. It does no one any good for you to work yourself to hard and then miss out on the fun because you are to sick to enjoy it.
I have been busy making cookies, brownies and creations to give. Wrapping packages and making list. Here is a picture of one of the things I have made this week. I have a BIL who loves his cookies, cakes, brownies, you name it. He likes to eat. He is having problems with his blood sugars so is limited to how many snacks he can have. So as a joke gift I made him this little snack jar. On the ribbon (polymer clay)I printed ‘Dave’s weekly snack jar’ there is brownies on top and candies (also polymer clay) around the outside. He will love it! And the whole family will get a good laugh.
Other things I have been making can be seen in my Flickr album.
I hope you all are having a peaceful and fun time getting ready for the big day.
Until next time.
Happy Crafty Day, CraftyLinda

Dave's Snack Jar

Dave's Snack Jar

this is whats on my clay table whats on yours?

I am having a busy week-end.  First I am finishing up a fairy pin that I am making for one of my other granddaughters.  I’ll have pix when I have it finished.  Then yesterday my DD called and said she had been meaning to call for the last few days but had been busy.  She had a favor to ask.  Seems like my grandson teacher is having a B’day next week and he wants me to make her something.  He knows she likes kayak’s so thought that would be a good idea.  I ask what she wanted like should it be something she can sit on her desk, or maybe a necklace.  Well that was left up to me.  That makes it really hard to decide because I don’t know this women and don’t know what she likes.  Does she even wear jewerly?  So here I am this mornning trying to decide what to do.  I think I will make the necklace and some earrings to match and hope that she wears jewerly.  Sometimes teachers just have to much on their desk already so I thought maybe that would be the way to go.

I don’t have a lot of time to put in to this as her b’day is next week but my DD couldn’t remember what day.  Hopefull it is not Monday, my DD is out of town until late Sunday so I couldn’t get it to her before Monday morning anyway.

I also have a DSI who is going in the hospital Monday for some major surgery and we have plans to spend the afternoon with them,watching the Michigan/Michigan state football game.  Then there is a dinner get together for her tomorrow with her children.  And of course we want to be there for the surgery on Monday. 

So it puts a rush on this kayak business and I don’t like to work that way.  It takes all the “fun” out of doing it.  Plus I feel that sometimes you just don’t do your best if your in a hurry. 

What does your week-end look like?  Is it as busy as mine?  What is on your clay table?  Do you feel like I do about being rushed to do something, or do you work better?  Are you a football fan?

I will write Tuesday and let ya’ll know how things to turn out.  I’ll also have pix in my flickr ablum.

Also I wanted to mention that I have added some things to my Etsy shop if you would like to check them out you can go here.    I have been doing some knitting and crocheting lately so have added some things that I have made.

Hope ya’ll have a great week-end.  Thanks for stopping by.  Have to get back to clay play.  Linda

the passing of a great artist…etc

While I have been online, I have not been responding to the posts on my groups as I usually do. But have been reading and today there was a post about the passing of a very great artist and friend of the PC world, that some of you probably know or have heard of, Alan Vernall. Alan belonged to at least one of the groups that I do and he was always there to help us out. He had a great since of humor. He will be sadly missed by everyone. My condolences go out to his beautiful wife Mary, family and friends.
I haven’t written in here in so long and now I have a lot to talk about. I have been busy doing research for my brother-in-law and that took a lot of my time. But it was well worth it as I think I found the items he needed to be able to go back to work. I love doing research but sometimes it gets frustrating when you can’t find what you are looking for. But it feels so good when you do run across the very thing you needed. Gives me a good feeling about myself. Especially when I am helping someone. 

I have also been busy doing Halloween items. We will be working theCounty Fair here in our town the week of Sept. 21st and I am planning on taking a few of my things to show. Hopefully I will sell a few. I have some in my Flickr album if you would like to check them out and make comments (nice ones please LOL) if you like.
I have also started adding vintage items to my Etsy shop.  I have found some really nice jewelry and clothes patterns.  That has been fun as I love the older things.  And of course like a good deal and then to pass it on to someone else.
Also I have made some texture stamps out of polymer clay, they are just little round disks and I got to wondering what I was going to put them on so I could use them easier. Well I got to thinking about the tops to pop/water bottles. I save these” just in case” so I had quite a few of them. I just glued the stamp on the cap. I haven’t used them yet so I don’t know how long the glue will hold or if it will ever be a problem. I have pix of those in the Flickr also. Let me know what you think.

And last be certainly not least to all of my Texas readers who are facing the Hurricane Ike, I am praying that you will make it thru this troubled time without any heartships. May God bless you all and your families and friends.

I hope everyone has had a good month since last I wrote and I will try to write more often.  I think of things I want to put in here but just never seem to have enough time in the day to do all that I want to do.




Wow two posts in one day.

I haven’t posted in here in awhile so I thought I should catch up a little.  I haven’t been feeling real well and it is about to get to me.  I just don’t feel up to doing the things I want to do and I don’t like that.  Anyone who is suffering from a chronic disease knows what I mean.  You have your good days and bad, but when the bad out weigh the good you start to get depressed.  That is where I am right now.  I usually won’t write in here when I am like this because I don’t want to bring anyone else down with me.

All that being said, I have had some good things happen in the last week.  First my DD and I went up north for two days and one night, last week-end.  We had a good time, went shopping and visited my DS  youngest son. 

 I love those week-ends when we just hang out.  It don’t come to often my DH is a very busy Mother of two great boys. She is an outdoors kind of girl and raises a big garden and does all kinds of canning and freezing. She is a master gardener and starting a new career in teaching.

Her Birthday was this past Friday so we spent so time with her and her family and eat this new cake that I made. It had layers of fresh strawberries, blueberries, angel food cake and whipped topping.  OH sooooooo good.  Not diet that day.  haha

I made her a necklace and earring set and a jewerly box.  The picture is in my Flickr album.  Some of you have already seen it and have commented on them.

I haven’t been real busy with my polymer lately I get some ideas but just don’t seem to be able to work on them.  Hopefully this week will be different and I will get some of those done.  I want to add some to my Etsy store.  I made a sale last week and that really made my day.  I haven’t sold much but then I don’t work on it like I should.  If any one has an ideas that would help me out I would be glad to hear them.

Well until next time I hope you all are in good health and are happy.

Happy Clay-zie Day, CraftyLinda

African Violets, Melody Armstrong

well it is raining here in Mi. which is no surprize.  At least we are not as bad off as some but we have certainly had our share.  It does make a good day to work on the computer although not so good to play with clay. It makes the light bad.  I did work on a few flowers early this morning and hope to work on them again when I get done here.  Maybe I can even finish them up.  It is a project that I have been trying to work on for the last few days but wasn’t having much luck.  I will post pic when I finish them.  These are from an idea that I got when visiting with a friend.  I had made some plant pokes to look like the flowers that the dumb cane produces.  Well this friend of mine said “gee you should make some african violet flowers for people like me who can’t get them to flower”  So that is what I have been working on.  I want them to look as real as possible.

While looking around on flickr this morning I ran across an album by Melody Armstrong.  And was awestruck by her work.  So I just had to go to  her website.

Melody Armstrong is a Canadian metal artist who designs and creates precious art jewerly.



Her work is increditable. She combines sterling silver, anodized titanium, patinas, semi-precious stones, and gold, into natural and geometric shapes which are very stunning.
She has these pin that she calls Quirky, that she has used copper, patina, paper, glass, and epoxy together. If you look  close you can see eyes, mouths or faces in them. Very intriquing and unusual.She also has a set of mini chairs that are just the cutiest things. Melody is good at a lot of different crafts and arts.She created her own web site, designed her own business cards, post cards and logo for jewellery tags, and photographs her own work.  A very talented lady for sure.  
Hope everyones day is happy and healthful.



I added some new soft wear, and crayola art

Boy I didn’t realize it had been so long since I did anything on here.  I have been so busy.  I took a week-end vacation with my daughter and visited my youngest son.  That was a good time I had not seen him in a year so it was nice.

My Daughter-in-law and her two boys came for a visit.  I had not seen the new baby. He is now 8 months old and just the cutest.  Her oldest is just turned 3 years.  My do they ever change when you don’t get to see them very often.

I added some new software to my pc.  I have had it for a while but never downloaded it.  Boy am I glad I did.  It is photosuite5 by Roxio.  And it offers so much more than the HP photosmart that I usually use.  This one has borders,frames,edges and some awesome editing.  You can even remove wrinkles!!!  I have been having fun with that today.  Now I have a couple new pictures to put in my flickr account.

I think I mentioned that I was working on a pendant inspired by a painting called Four Winds.  While I put some pictures of that in my flickr I am still working on it but I thought I would show some of it anyway.

I also found a cool tutorial on abalone and made a cane of that and have done a few things with it.  I have pictures of those also but like the pendant they are works in progress.

I did manage to make and finish a Bottle of Hope for my daughters Mother-in-law.  She loves Great Danes so that is what I made for her.  It is bigger than the usual BOH I used an empty white diamonds perfume bottle because I wanted the height.  I think it turned out pretty good. I have put those pictures in my flickr also. 

I received an email from a friend of mine the other day with some pictures from a crayola crayon artist.  His name is Don  Marco.  He does some of the most awesome pictures I have ever seen.  I had to find his whole web site so went looking around today and I found it here.

I just love American Indian stuff and western and he has quite a few on his site.  He also sells them.  I hope you enjoy looking around his site as much as I did.  His works are way to expensive for me to buy so I will just have to bookmark his site and go back to it often.  His is a remarkable story also.

Well until the next time have a happy clay-zie day everyone.


I’m honored

Happy Thursday everyone.


Yesterday was my birthday,  so I didn’t spend much time on here.  Had a great b’day.  Went to my daughters for supper and had a nice time. When you get my age b’days don’t have to be celebrated with big parties.  It’s just great to be another year older.
 Today I went to my email and there was a letter from flickr telling me some picked one of my items as a favorite. So of course I had to check it out. It was Humblebeads. She has a great blog

Let me say a few things about Humblebeads. On her blog she has Ornament Thursday, where she has the prettiest pair of earrings with the instructions on how to make them. She tells your where you can get the supplies and a little bit about Ornament Thursday and of course more links to check out. There are so many places to check out that I got lost for a while and still haven’t seen everything I want. Heather is a multi talented lady, not only does she do some incredible bead work but does illustrations for children’s books.  She has been seen on TV, in magazines and is very action in the art world.  


So you can imagine how thrilled I am about one of my items being put on her favorites list. That just made my day. Thank you Heather.

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