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And the winner is

I my post on July 25 about Cindy Lietz’s treasure hunt I told you about how it was going to work.  Well, yesterday I received the email that told us who won.  It was Cindy Erickson!! Congratulations again Cindy.  Cindy Erickson has written in a couple times saying how happy she is.  I hope she keeps us all informed on all the things she making using the videos that she won.

If you haven’t checked it out yet you should Cindy Lietz site is great.  She loves to chit chat with everyone and has lots of good information.  Her motto of ” I learned by my mistakes you don’t have to” is right on the mark.  She has articles on everything from pricing your beads to buffing.

Thanks again to Cindy Leitz not only for a great website but on the treasure hunt that was so much fun and educational.