A little about me the artist

Hello and welcome.  My name is Linda and I am a polymer clay artist.  I have worked with a lot of different mediums, but about 8 years ago I started with polymer and fell in love. My first creation was a sculpture of my dog; a long haired choc. lab named COCO.(she is still with us at 16 yrs)  I used reg. Sculpey and painted it the color I needed.  I didn’t start using Sculpey III until about 3 years later, when I made my first trip to a Hobby Lobby store.  Once I had seen all the different colors I was really hooked and now that, and Premo is about the only ones I use.

I have taught myself everything I know.  I would just get an idea and start working on it.  If I ran into trouble I would just start over and keep trying.  Then I joined City-of-Clay now  I can look to City-of-Clay for help, inspiration and support. I joined them last June and have shared and learned a lot with them.  See more about them on my favorite links, sites and friends page.

I love doing Santa’s and make a lot of them.  I have them all over my house, give them as gifts and have sold some. I work on them year around, and am  always looking for new ideas. There is so many ways he can look and act.  I can sit and “dream ” up a Christmas scene in my head any time. I also like American Indians and their artwork. They are such creative people and I love their use of color and designs.

All of my creations are out of my own head.  I get inspiration from a lot of different places but the end result is truly mine own.

I tend to lean toward the fantasy side of things.  That is what make me smile.  We all have enough of the everyday things going on so it is nice to just get out of this world and go to another place and time.

 I don’t really have a  speciality.  I just like working with polymer clay.  I am always looking for and trying new things. I have a list of things I want to try yet, hopefully I will get to most of them. Polymer is one medium that can go anywhere do anything.  If you don’t like what you have done, before you bake it, just sch-mush it up and start over.

Right now I am starting to make buttons and am enjoying that.  I will have a gallery of things for sale soon and will also do special orders.

Thanks for coming to visit and please feel free to check out my other pages.


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  1. Jane Kempf Said:

    Hey girl, we got ur link up n running on our site. Looking forward to seeing ours here! Keep up the good work, love the Xm as earrings!!!!

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