sometimes bad things aren’t so bad

As some of you might know I have been having computer problems and haven’t been on as much as I like or want to be.  But in a way it has been a good thing.  I cleaned up my clays today.  Which is something I have been meaning to do for a while.  I have this habit of not wrapping them when I have small pieces left. I would just put them in a divided container.  But now they are all wrapped and put in containers.  The ones that are really small I will use to make a chop cane.  I usually do small items so these have to be real small or odd colored for me not to save them for something else first.  I have them all in order by color.  I don’t know how long that will last but it is a start. 
I miss not being able to check out all the sites but hopefully soon I will be back up running smoothly.  Right now I am on dail up so that I can at least get on line. And I am using MSN and seem to be having problems all the time. But that is slow and as you know ties up the phone lines so I can only get in here at night usually.  And some nights I just can’t stay up.
I miss all my friends please be patience with me.  I will be back.
Our 2009 has been very snowy.  With a little freezing rain thrown in for good measure.  We are having a snow storm right now and have about 8″ on the ground with more to come.  We are cozy and have lots of food etc. so we will be fine, don’t know how much this one will bring.
Last week we were without elec. for a few hours. (8-9)  Just long enough for it to get really cold and have to sit around in candle light.  The candle light wasn’t bad, kind of romanic for this two old couple. hehe
I see there is a lot of talk going around about the new law that is going into effect Feb. 10th.  I don’t usually made and sell things for children so it is not going to hit me as hard as some.  But I am jumping on the band wagon and writting lots of letter to my state reps. and congressman.  Hopfully we can get some things done about this before it gets any worse.

If any of you know of any address that people can write to please email me and I will try to get them posted.  Thanks.

Ya’ll have a great day and don’t forget to stop by my other site.

NEW Year Wishes

As this year comes to an end and a new one begins I wish all of you good health and lots of wealth, happiness , forgiveness, a working muse, lots of sales (if that is what you are into), lots of love, more time to spend the way you want, and good cheer.

I have much to be thankful for this past year. I have a wonderful loving and supportive DH. Great kids and grandkids, whom I love very much much. A roof over my head, heat to keep me warm, food in the cupboards and lots of good friends. Although my health wasn’t the greatest this past year, I am still better off than some and am thankful.

I have met a lot of really nice, talented people through the internet and the groups I belong to. And have learned and shared quite a few things. Without them my life would not have been as full as is it. And for them I am thankful. I have found that artistic people are in general the most giving of their time and knowledge. A truly talented artist is not afraid to share.

So, to the many in the groups I belong to and the many websites I visit I wish you all a prosperous 2009.

I am praying for an even better year in 2009. Bigger sales, more money, better health, more time to spend on my creative adventures, more time spent with my kids and grandkids, more love to give and to recieve.

I have a large to-do list and right at the top is to become a better person all around. One who gives more freely of my time, love, talent and hope. That is also a wish I have for all you talented friendly people out there.

We will be staying at home as we have done for the last few years. It is so much safer that way. My DH says we are not celebrating the beginning of 2009 but the ending of 2008.

May God bless us all.

Until 2009′

 Happy Crafty Day, CraftyLinda




Still having problems

Cow earrings

Cow earrings

I have been having the hardest time getting on here. First I lost my internet connection so I am now on dail up until my new one is installed. I don’t like it but there is nothing I can do right now. Not only is it slow but it tyes up my phone line, so I don’t get in here during the day much. Then we lost elec. for about 8-9 hours. We are not as bad off as some, there are some who still don’t have power.

Well Christmas is over and I am back to trying to finish up some things that were on my table it do. I have finished some of the cow earrings (see pic) and am sending them off to their new owners.

I have some special order buttons that I am going to start on today sometime after I get back from town and the post office. I think these will be fun to make. I have some ideas in mind. Just have to get busy and get started.

Then there is some beads from the new book I recieved from a drawing I enter before Christmas. You can read about that on my other site, Linda’s this ‘n’ that.

Until next time,

 Happy Crafty Day, CraftyLinda

I bought a bunch of tatoo’s like the kids use a while back. I have finally started using them. For Christmas presents for two of my Granddaughters, I covered a heavy cardboard box with paper and then painted in. Let it dry then put some of the tatoos on top and use acrylic as a sealer. I put 3 coats of sealer on to make sure the tatoo didn’t come off. I like the way they turned out. Problem is I was so busy with trying to get everything done that I went and wrapped everything before I got pix of them. So now I will have to wait for them to open their packages and hope to get a few pix to show off. But it won’t be long now just a few more days.

I am so far behind. Not only in posting here but in finishing up things for Christmas. Now I seem to have picked up a virus or something on my computer as it is running slower and slower everyday. So I have to find the time to do something about that. But in the mean time it makes it hard to keep up with my posting because it takes so long for things to upload. Please be patient with me until I get the problem worked out. Hopefully I will be back to posting more often soon.

Until then Happy Holidays to everyone and

 Happy Crafty Day, CraftyLinda


Last minute craft ideas

Who couldn’t use a few hugg and kisses?

Over at they have the directions to make a cute little jar of just that. They are using dough but you can change that to polymer clay. This would be a nice last minute gift idea for the kids to make for Grandma and Grandpa, ect.

And if you are into bath and body crafts there are a lot of ideas starting on this page. Many of these use ingrediants that we have around the house.

And then if you like beading this is the page for you. There is plenty of small craft that can be made up before Christmas. Like the easy beaded earrings here.

Or if you knit and do beading there is cute ornaments here, where you can do both.

I am sure you can find a lot of ideas for those last minute gifts.

Till next time.

 Happy Crafty Day, CraftyLinda

What a wonderful busy time of year

Christmas, what a wonderful busy time of year. At this time of year we are all busy trying to get ready for the holidays. I hope you are all taking time for yourselves too. It is very important and if you have a chronic ailment it is even more important. I have started putting a timer next to where I am working to remind me to take breaks. I just get so involved in what I am doing I don’t think to stop.
With the winter weather it is hard for people who have chronic pain and once we do get involved we have a tendency to over do. Then we suffer. So if any of you out there are like me, please be kind to yourself. It does no one any good for you to work yourself to hard and then miss out on the fun because you are to sick to enjoy it.
I have been busy making cookies, brownies and creations to give. Wrapping packages and making list. Here is a picture of one of the things I have made this week. I have a BIL who loves his cookies, cakes, brownies, you name it. He likes to eat. He is having problems with his blood sugars so is limited to how many snacks he can have. So as a joke gift I made him this little snack jar. On the ribbon (polymer clay)I printed ‘Dave’s weekly snack jar’ there is brownies on top and candies (also polymer clay) around the outside. He will love it! And the whole family will get a good laugh.
Other things I have been making can be seen in my Flickr album.
I hope you all are having a peaceful and fun time getting ready for the big day.
Until next time.
Happy Crafty Day, CraftyLinda

Picture 014


Dave's Snack Jar

Dave's Snack Jar

Tips on using Future Floor Polish

Do any of you use Future to seal your polymer clay? If so I have just the website for you to read. It has an abundance of info. on Future. While not all of it pertains to polymer clay there is enough to make it worth taking a look at. My DH does model cars and he found this site useful as well. He does his painting using spray and sometimes it gets the snake skin that is discussed in this article. He is going to try putting the furtue on first and see if that helps him. I didn’t know you could do this much with Future. This website info was past along from one of my
C-O-C group members. Thanks Kathy.
Ya’ll have a creative day and stay warm..Linda
P.S You might want to check out my post on  Linda’s this ‘n’ that
I have some great places to look at Santa….hohoho

Problem with wordpress and other musings

I am having trouble with this new format for word press. When I go in to the page for a new post. The part where I would write the post is under the side bar. So I can only see part of what I am typing. Is anyone else out there having problems? It is frustrating to say the least. So I have taken to writting my copy in my notepad and then coping it onto the post page. Which really isn’t a bad thing that way I can save it uncase something happens.

Anyway, I have been busy this morning baking. I made 6 dozen peanut butter, choc.chip, oatmeal cookies and a pan of brownies that I put marshmellows,choc,peanut butter and rice crispies on top. YUM. My husband has promised to stay out of them..LOL The really nice thing is that my DH said he would clean up the kitchen. What a sweet man I have.

That left me with time to get on the computer and look around. I found some really nice sites but I think I will wait and talk about them tomorrow. But I will leave you with some eye candy from Ma-belette, an increditable artist. Here is her flickr link. Hope you enjoy and I will see you tomorrow.


Happy Friday

Well here it is the end of the week.  Did you get all your to do’s done?  I didn’t I still have a few things but then I usually do.  Seems I can’t ever get my list completed.  Of course I have a couple different lists I work from.  One is for the pressing have to do things.  The other is the things I wish to do or have to do but there is no hurry.  The Christmas holidays added another list that I must work from so I guess I really have three.  How many do you have?

I have been surfing the web this morning and have looked at a lot of sites.  I do want to mention one that really caught my eye..  It is Eugene’s Creations.  She has some real pretty jewelry that are made using polymer clay, filigree and resin.  This is a very talented lady.  She has some great tutorials for sale.  The site is full of some great pictures not only of her work but of points of interest.
Worth taking a look at.

I have posted some other links that I found interesting on my other blog.  So please stop on over there and check them out also.
I have also added some new things to my Etsy store  if you would like to see some of the things I have been doing lately just stop on by.I am having trouble with this site so I will sign out and hope I can post this.
Till the next time.  Have a great crafty  day.

A couple good sites

I have been doing my surfing this morning and have a couple sites you might be interested in checking out.  First do any of you keep up with polymer clay daily site by Cynthia?  She had a post yesterday aboutChristi Freisen’s “face in the crowd” wall sculpture.  This is a little different than her dragons. It doesn’t say now big it.  Cynthia wrote a nice article.  I just love her site as she is always posting things that I have not seen.

The second one I want to point out this morning is Art Ravings Sue Choppers-Wife.  Sue does some of the most incredible sculpture’s.  From her little art pendants to her polymer fabric.  She is a very talented lady.

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